Calming the Storm

Addressing Life-Threatening Inflammatory Conditions Precipitated by
Cytokine Storm Syndrome

Our Mission Is To Save Lives

A Strategy to Treat the #1 Cause of Hospital Deaths

We designed Sigyn Therapy to overcome the limitations of previous drug and device candidates to address acute inflammatory disorders, including sepsis, the leading cause of hospital deaths.

Our Company

A critical care treatment opportunity reported to exceed $20 billion.

Addressing a Broad-Spectrum of Life-Threatening Targets

Addressing a Broad-Spectrum of Life-Threatening Targets

Sigyn Therapy is a patent-pending blood purification technology to mitigate Cytokine Storm Syndrome through the broad-spectrum depletion of life-threatening inflammatory targets from the entire bloodstream.

About Sigyn Therapy

Continuing Our Mission to Save Lives

Prior to their creation of Sigyn Therapy, our co-founders played instrumental roles in the development of three different technologies that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted for use to treat COVID-19 infected individuals.

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