Strategic Innovation

Creating Solutions to Overcome Therapeutic Limitations in Healthcare


Novel Strategies to Enhance the Benefit of Drug Therapies

We designed ImmunePrep™, ChemoPrep™ and ChemoPure™ to be adjunct device strategies that enhance the benefit of therapeutic antibodies and cancer chemotherapies. 

Our Company
$250 Billion

The size of the global market for therapeutic antibodies and cancer chemotherapies in 2022.*


*World Health Organization, Data Bridge Market Research
Sigyn Therapy in Action
Sigyn Therapy in Action

Targeting Unmet Needs in Global Health

We created Sigyn Therapy™ to address pathogen-associated inflammatory disorders that are not treatable with drug therapies. Candidate treatment indications include endotoxemia, drug-resistant bacterial and viral infections, community-acquired pneumonia and sepsis.

About Sigyn Therapy

Our Strategic Innovation Standard

"We create medical technologies with two attributes in mind:  they must offer to overcome a clearly-defined therapeutic limitation and if demonstrated to be effective, would provide a strategic competitive advantage within an established industry."

Jim Joyce
Chairman and CEO Inventor


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