Calming the Storm

Addressing Pathogen-Associated Disorders that Precipitate the Cytokine Storm


A Strategy to Combat the #1 Cause of Hospital Deaths

Introducing Sigyn Therapy™, a broad-spectrum blood purification technology created to address pathogen sources that precipitate the cytokine storm* underlying sepsis (# 1 cause of hospital deaths) and other life-threatening inflammatory disorders.

*Cytokine Storm – a dysregulated immune response to infection that results in the excess production of inflammatory cytokines, which can cause tissue destruction, multiple organ failure and death.
Our Company
$20+ Billion

In the United States, the annual financial burden to treat sepsis alone is estimated to be $24 billion.*


*Global, regional and national sepsis incidence and mortality
The Journal Lancet, January 2020
Sigyn Therapy in Action
Sigyn Therapy in Action

Targeting Unmet Needs in Global Health

Beyond sepsis, Sigyn Therapy is a candidate to address community-acquired pneumonia, emerging pandemic threats and inflammation & endotoxemia that commonly occurs in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients.

About Sigyn Therapy

Continuing Our Mission to Save Lives

Prior to establishing Sigyn Therapeutics, our co-founders played instrumental roles in the development of three different technologies that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted for use to treat COVID-19 infected individuals.

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