Calming the Storm

Addressing Pathogen-Related Conditions that Precipitate the Cytokine Storm Underlying Sepsis


A Strategy to Address the #1 Cause of Hospital Deaths

To overcome the limitations of previous therapeutics, we created Sigyn Therapy™, a blood purification technology that extracts pathogen sources of life-threatening inflammation in concert with the broad-spectrum elimination of inflammatory mediators that fuel sepsis, the #1 cause of hospital deaths worldwide.

Our Company
$20+ Billion

In the United States, the annual financial burden to treat sepsis alone is estimated to be $24 billion.

A Broad-Spectrum Countermeasure to Address Life-Threatening Infections

A Broad-Spectrum Countermeasure to Address Life-Threatening Infections

Since December of 2020, a series of invitro studies have validated the ability of Sigyn Therapy to extract a broad-spectrum of viruses, bacterial toxins, hepatic toxins, and inflammatory mediators form human blood plasma.

About Sigyn Therapy

Continuing Our Mission to Save Lives

Prior to establishing Sigyn Therapeutics, our co-founders played instrumental roles in the development of three different technologies that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted for use to treat COVID-19 infected individuals.

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