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Beyond the Reach of Drugs

Sigyn Therapy was created to perform functions that are beyond the reach of drugs.  In this regard, Sigyn Therapy extracts pathogen sources of life-threatening inflammation in concert with the broad-spectrum elimination of inflammatory mediators from the bloodstream. 

In vitro studies have validated the capture of viral pathogens (including COVID-19), endotoxin (gram-negative bacterial toxin), peptidoglycan and lipoteichoic acid (gram-positive bacterial toxins), hepatic toxins (ammonia, bile acid & bilirubin), CytoVesicles that transport inflammatory cargos, and the pro-inflammatory cytokines; interleukin-1 beta (IL-1b), interleukin-6 (IL-6), and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a).

These expansive capabilities establish Sigyn Therapy™ as an emerging candidate to treat sepsis and other life-threatening inflammatory disorders.

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Sigyn Therapy Highlights

  • Sigyn Therapy is a single-use disposable device designed for deployment on the established infrastructure of hemodialysis and continuous renal replacement machines located in hospitals and clinics around the world.
  • Sigyn Therapy has an immense capacity to extract bloodstream targets as it incorporates a formulation of adsorbent components that provide more than 200,000 square meters (~50 acres) of surface area on which to adsorb and remove bloodstream targets.
  • Sigyn Therapy is also highly efficient, as the entire circulatory system of a patient can pass through the device once every fifteen minutes or the equivalent of sixteen passes during a four-hour treatment.
  • Unlike devices that concentrate therapeutic targets in the blood-path, Sigyn Therapy extracts targets from the bloodstream, which eliminates their ability to interact with blood cells during treatment.