A Broad-Spectrum Strategy to Address Current and Future Pandemic Threats

Covid-19 affirmed the role of extracorporeal blood purification as a basis for first-line countermeasures to treat newly emerging viral threats, whose presence are increasingly being fueled by a confluence of global warming, urban crowding, and intercontinental travel. 

On March 24, 2020, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared the emergence of COVID-19 to justify the Emergency-Use Authorization (EUA) of drugs, biological products, and medical devices to combat the pandemic. The first four (4) therapies to receive EAU approval to treat COVID-19 were not antiviral drug or biological products, they were blood purification technologies,

In connection with these EUA awards, FDA published a statement that blood purification devices may be effective at treating certain patients with confirmed COVID-19 by reducing pathogens and inflammatory cytokines from the bloodstream.  

Consistent with FDA’s statement, Sigyn Therapy has been validated to deplete circulating viral pathogens, including COVID-19, and inflammatory cytokines whose levels correlate with disease severity and increased mortality rates.  Inversely, declining levels of these same inflammatory cytokines are associated with patient recovery.

As a majority of human viruses are not addressed with a corresponding drug or vaccine, there may also be an ongoing need for blood purification technologies that reduce the severity of infection and mitigate the excess production of inflammatory cytokines (the cytokine storm) associated with high mortality in non-pandemic viral infections. In this regard, we believe that Sigyn Therapy aligns with U.S. Government initiatives that support the development of broad-spectrum medical countermeasures that can mitigate the impact of emerging pandemic threats, yet also have viability in established disease indications.